International Youth Day 2016 Statements from ITUC & PERC Youth Committees



PERC Youth Committee statement

Starting from 17 December 1999, the world, under the leadership of the United Nations, is commemorating the International Youth Day.

Since its incorporation, the International Youth Day has served as an instrument to shed light upon the challenges that young people around the world are facing and empower them to bring a joint sustainable resolve.

Under this year’s theme, the UN is focusing on the leading role of young people in ensuring poverty eradication and achieving sustainable development through sustainable consumption and production.

In line with the global effort, trade unions and union activity, both on the international and national levels, are envisaged as a sustainable tool for empowering youth activities, involvement in decision making and a force of change for a viable future.

Adherent to the UN cause, the Pan-European Regional Council of ITUC, which consists of 90 affiliated national centres, through its Youth Committee is committed to Europe in which peace, democracy and social justice remain the overriding values.

The pressing issues and challenges that youth are facing today require a resolute and consolidated engagement from all relevant stakeholders, which have the capacity and will to act on behalf of those who can’t or aren’t able to.

Following the directive of ITUC, PERC Youth Committee has set out to accomplish actions that will bring significant change to youth in the Pan-European region in the coming years. The PERC Youth Committee is working, along its partners, on the following priorities: migration, organizing and youth (un)employment. In addition, the committee is determined to strengthen cooperation with ETUC youth and PERC Women’s Committee. The Committee members are also actively involved in youth-related activities in the PERC Action Plan set out for 2016-2017, in order to empower young people with tools to protect their rights and dignity.

The PERC YC calls upon all relevant actors on the international scene and in national communities to strengthen their actions in order to put the spotlight on youth challenges, issues and their successes, which, in turn, will enable them to make a difference and be involved in actions for positive change.

Here, at PERC Youth Committee, we are committed to the aforementioned goals, we are united and are in solidarity with our fellows who strive to contribute to the wellbeing of youth and are open to cooperation, support and action that aim to shape a flourishing future for young men and women across the world.

Tatiana Marian,
PERC YC President

Statement from ITUC.

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