Motivation for trade union membership, a basic principle in the work of the Federation of Trade Unions of Communications



To help trade union leaders to organize effective activities that would help motivate trade union membership, the Federation of Trade Unions of Communications (FSCM) recently held a training on “Enhancing the efficiency of primary trade union organization by developing and implementing projects.”

As a trainer was Elizaveta Iurcu, vice president of FSCM, who explained to the participants about the importance and necessity of project implementation in the work of primary trade union organizations.

Elizaveta Iurcu talked about setting the objectives and achieving the purpose of a project, benefits of the target group, the responsibility of the working group and organization of activities in time, with well-planned resources and costs.

The participants of the training developed and submitted a project on “Motivation for trade union membership”, to be implemented in the primary trade union organizations, after the approval by the Trade Union Committee and the board of FSCM. All approved projects will be funded on a 50/50 basis, FSCM budget and trade union organization.

Also during the training, Adrian Lungu, legal advisor of FSCM brought to the attention of all those present the amendments to the Labour Code, approved by Law No. 205 from 20.11.2015 and Law. 52 of 01/04/2016.

The chief accountant of FSCM, Maria Calin talked about accounting in primary trade union organizations, proper preparation of primary documents, the register “Cartea Mare”, the financial report and trade union budget.

Present at the training, the president of FSCM Ion Pîrgaru urged trade union leaders to promote the principle of motivation of trade union membership by developing various trade union effective activities within primary trade union organization.


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