Pirkka Tapiola: EU citizens need to know more about the health resorts from Moldova



Thursday, June 30, Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Moldova, had a working visit to the health resort “Codru” in the village Hîrjauca, Calarasi district, to see the conditions offered by trade unions to fortify the health of the employees.

At the activity participated the board of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) and the leaders of the institution within CNSM.

“I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of services and affordability. The fact that so many people come here demonstrates that it is a special place. EU citizens need to know more about the resort “Codru”, but also about other resorts in Moldova. I will return with great pleasure,”said Pirkka Tapiola, Head of EU Delegation to Moldova.

“I am pleased that Pirkka Tapiola has accepted the invitation to visit the resort “Codru”. We want to show how trade unions in Moldova contribute to improving the health of employees through the sanatorium. We intend to be known in the EU, because we have high quality services”, emphasized Oleg Budza, president of CNSM.

The health resort “Codru” records a history of over 55 years of activity. It has well trained staff, medical professionals, appreciated abroad. In recent years, we have invested considerable sums in the development of the infrastructure and logistics of the resort. Also we invest in other resorts of CNSM, to give to the visitors better conditions for recovery and rest,” said the trade union leader.

Also during the meeting, Pirkka Tapiola informed about his activity in the Republic of Moldova, the main actions that have been taken to support the efforts of our country for European integration process and answered a series of questions.

The head of the EU delegation stressed the role and importance of the proper functioning of state institutions, in accordance with national law, international recommendations, to provide citizens with a decent living, so that they have good working conditions and their rights are respected.

The resort “Codru” is the first institution of its kind in Moldova, located in the center of forests. The sanatorium operates from May 19, 1959 and has a capacity of 460 seats. According to the management of the resort, currently about 95% of its capacity is covered.

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