Function: Name: Contacts:
President Budza Oleg (022) 26-65-02

Vice-president Hîncu Mihail (022) 26-65-04

Vice-president Chiriac Petru (022) 26-65-05

Vice-president Sainciuc Sergiu (022) 26-65-00

Chief of the Department of organization, education and information Mirovschi Tamara (022) 26-65-72

Chief of the Department of social – economic protection Moldovanu Ana (022) 26-65-66

Chief of the Legal Department Preguza Ion (022) 26-65-63

Chief of the Department of finance, accounting and insurance Oloi Tatiana (022) 26-65-13

Chief of the Department of mass media and international relations Popescu Rodica (022) 26-65-09

Chief of the Department of secretariat and protocol Conțescu Elena (022) 26-65-08

Chief of the Department of trade union assets, technical services and exploitation Triboi Nicolae (022) 26-65-34

Chief of the Labour Inspectorate of Trade Unions Carchilan Elena (022) 26-65-77

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