Trade unionists from Chemical Industry and Energy Resources participated at the Forum of the Youth Commission from the branch



Between June 30 – July 1 at the Labour Institute, the Trade Union Federation of Workers of Chemical Industry and Energy Resources (FSCRE) organized the Forum of young trade unionists, where they discussed social and economic problems young workers are facing and identified solutions.

A new vice president of the Youth Commission of the Federation was elected. It is Doiniţa Babalâc, who graduated from Moldova Trade Union School, and works at LTD “Chisinau – Gaz”.

Margaret Strestian, president of FSCRE greeted the young trade unionists who came from all over Moldova.

You are the new generation, which we rely. You will participate in events organized at both the federation and confederation level, and I hope you will get good results. There are no problems of just a union branch, the problems are common. We all live in a society where life makes us very ambitious. Young people, you can come up with proposals regarding the improvement of trade union activity,” said president of FSCRE.

We promoted our young at the Trade Union School, now at its fourth edition, that they could participate in a training cycle organized by CNSM, supported by Austria. Within this School we have delegated four young activists who gained new skills of communication, negotiation of a collective agreement and new knowledge in terms of labour legislation,” added Margareta Strestian.

The problems of young people are permanently on the agenda of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) and the national-branch trade union centers. We want young people to be included in the great trade union family, to be actively involved in organizing and conducting several trade union actions,” said Peter Gherman, senior consultant in the Department of organization, education and information of CNSM.

We want to stay home. Thousands of people go abroad, including many young people. Youth Commission of CNSM emphasis on informing and training young people. I urge you to be more united, stronger,” said Tatiana Marian, Chairman of the Youth Commission of CNSM.

At the Forum, Doiniţa Babalâc presented a project from the Trade Union School in Moldova and exposed the ways of promoting the image of trade unions through social networks, which she acquired in an international seminar held in the city. Cernigov, Ukraine.

Unionists also have attended two workshops with the following topics “Trade union for the young people or young people for trade unions?” and “Organizing: methods and tools.”

As a result, young people understood how important is their involvement in solving the existing problems, the fact that relations between trade unions and youth must be mutual and constructive and that an individual problem can turn into a collective one, if not addressed in time, through solidary actions.

On the second day of the Forum, young trade unionists attended a personal development training, where they learned how to promote their image. Given the increasingly stressful working conditions characteristic of our times, young people have mastered the techniques of stress management.

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Source: adapted from newspaper „Vocea Poporului”

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