Trade unions have developed criteria and rules for individual performance assessment of employees



Tuesday13613184_260761970964924_9166632156850724091_o, 5th of July, at the Labour Institute, there were presented methodical recommendations on criteria-type and standards of individual performance assessment of employee, applied for wages differentiation from tariff payroll systems. The recommendations were developed based on a research carried out with the support of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM).

During a roundtable attended by the leadership of CNSM, presidents of national-branch trade union centers, social partners, were discussed the reasons behind the need to develop such a research and the role of these recommendations in labour relations.

Since 2008, when were made amendments to the Labour Code and the Law on wages that refer to non-tariff wage system, there was the need to develop clear criteria for individual performance assessment of employees. So far, they have not existed. For us it is important to create a mechanism with the social partners to implement these recommendations and thereafter to be applied to economic entities,” said Sergiu Sainciuc, vice president of CNSM.

Liliana Posțan, researcher at the Labour Institute believes that these recommendations are directed towards providing an objective assessment of the individual performance of employees, which serves as the basis for determining the amount of salary for each employee.

George Sîrcu, an expert on wages and author of the research, made a presentation of these recommendations and spoke on the assessmnet criteria of the performance of work of the employees, depending on skill level, professional value, complexity of the functions performed and the results obtained during work.

The scope of these recommendations relate to the following non-tariff payroll systems: system with the implementation of comprehensive assessment of job performance; system with implementation of the correlation scales of salaries depending on the quality of work; system based on coefficients of work value; on participation rates; on commission, contractual system; “fluctuating” wages system.

Those present had an exchange of views on the presented recommendations and discussed ways of applying them in enterprises that will contribute to the improvement of wages and proper allocation of wage fund in the company.

The recommendations were developed within the study “Criteria and norms of individual performance assessment of the employee applied to wage differentiation in non-tariff wage systems”, carried out according to the Plan of CNSM in trade union training and research for 2016.

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