Young Moldovan unionists have exchanged best practices with unionists from Ukraine and Belarus



In the period 25-29 July, Solidarity Center in Kiev, Ukraine and public Organization “Трудові ініціативи” organized at Odessa, a new edition of the Summer Trade Union School for young leaders of trade union organizations from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

During the training, young people have approached important and current issues, such as: human rights and the right to decent work, social justice, and the role of trade union in settling labor conflicts, methods of combating corruption and organizing information campaigns and protests. At the same time, they made exchange of experiences, and also theoretical and practical knowledge.

Tristan Masat, country director, Solidarity Center said that young people are the force that can enhance the level of development of the trade union movement and that securing human rights and building a civil society depends on them.

Participants from the Republic of Moldova have presented the projects that they have developed within the Moldavian Trade Union School and Trade Union School of Projects, which, subsequently, have been implemented in their union organizations.

Jana Șvet, trade union leader of the state enterprise ”Combinatul Poligrafic”, participating in the summer school, found that Ukrainian young trade unionists possess deep knowledge related to law domain and know how to inform other union members in order not to admit the violation of their rights. ”We also noted that Ukrainian workers are facing with problems at work, but their combative spirit is dozens of times more pronounced than the one of Moldavian employees.” she said.

Youth had the opportunity to engage in an information campaign about unionism, setting out slogans and distributing posters and flyers in the Victory Park in Odessa.

Nicon Beregoi, leader of youth organization from the state enterprise ”Floare Carpet” was impressed by the activism and dynamism shown by Ukrainian young trade unionists during the information campaign. At the same time, he expressed his satisfaction of having the opportunity to participate in one of the best summer schools.

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